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Tell us what you need.
We automate the rest.

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 Join Cloudyo as we build the most extensive SaaS repository and the only platform that delivers personalized recommendations on SaaS apps with a deep and unbiased view.

Type your search inquiry. Our AI will take care of the rest.

Together, we create effortless, spot-on SaaS discovery and selection.

Find relevant SaaS. Faster

Search-as-you- type or use robust filters to easily find solutions that fit your specific criteria, without manually searching across the web.

Custom your search. Save Money

Create your search profile In just a few clicks to personalize your search.

Know more. Choose right.

Get results with a deep and unbiased view, including pricing, regulatory, security and IT requirements. All the information you need, and then some more.

Monitor your preferences automaticly 

Get notified about price changes, new alternatives and smart relevat recommendations to optimize your stack and scale up effortlessly.

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Automatically get relevant and accurate options. 

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Rich data

Detailed information on thousands of SaaS services.

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Smart filters

Using NLP to easily find and select best options. 

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Unbiased view

Objective view of what you really need.

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Automatic updates

Keep track of what you care about automatically.

What makes us special

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